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Your brand reflects you; your reputation is built together with your brand. How your brands affects your customer has an impact on your reputation as well. Having a tarnished reputation has the potential of ruining your online branding; if the customer no longer trusted you then they will soon turn their backs to your products and services as well. Maintaining your brand reputation online has the possibility of earning loyal customers and will have a longer place in the market.

It is a waste if a reputation that is already established is ruined by things that are out of control, knowing on how to maintain and your reputation is as follows;

» Determine the things you can control - in every brand marketing customers are encouraged to write a feedback or make an online review, an online review may be a good idea in an online reputation management strategy, but you cannot control what the consumer will write. It best to monitor the reviews and respond to all the negative review as best as you can to be able to restore the potential damage those negative review has done to your brand. Try optimizing your search ranking by posting a more relevant and informative contents and articles, this may take longer, but it still has a positive effect on your brand awareness online.

» The internet is important - it is vital to know what your customer do, start monitoring your online reputation by regularly checking the online results and review. You might be surprised on what people have to say about your products and services.

» Know how you can monitor your reputation - there are some reputation management online apps that will give immediate alerts whenever your company name or brand is being mentioned. It makes easier to react faster and make the necessary actions and look for the solution that best fit in the problem.

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